Thomas Corle

Tom Corle

Thomas Corle, Founding Partner, co-founded Leifmark in 2012 to continue the work that his North American team, G-team had begun in 2008—marketing and commercializing cellulosic ethanol production.  Tom worked positioning and building the Danish brand, Inbicon Biomass Refinery as a global leader in the renewable fuel and energy sector. He supports Inbicon project development by bringing together the diverse stakeholders needed to build out The New Ethanol industry. Tom helped Inbicon found the Advanced Ethanol Council, an arm of the U.S. Renewable Fuel Association, in Washington, D.C. He continues working with AEC to advance U.S. government policies that will foster the new industry, and serves in a similar capacity with the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. He is a frequent speaker and panel discussion leader at industry conferences, in both the United States and Canada.

Tom began his education in the ethanol industry in 1997, when he started marketing and advertising Delta-T technology internationally for first-generation ethanol plants. For 11 years, he shaped the strategy that turned Delta-T into a highly valuable brand. At the sale of the company R. L. Bibb Swain, the company founder, cited Tom’s “considerable contributions” to Delta-T’s success as it grew from $5 million in annual revenues to $500 million.

During this period, Tom gained a thorough understanding of the ethanol industry, which he has continued to build on during four years of Inbicon global marketing. In addition to knowing the industry, Tom also knows the players, and has steadily built a network of collaborators across a wide range of important disciplines: technical, engineering, construction, financing, media, plant operations, agriculture, energy, permitting, project development, government policy, industry associations, and so on.   His skill at engaging them is advancing a new industry of renewable energy parks producing The New Ethanol and other forms of green energy. 

Prior to his work in renewable energy, Tom marketed HighQ, a scientific farming system for improving yields using GPS-guided technology. His previous national and international advertising clients have included RCA, DuPont, Rollins Truck Leasing, Astra-Zeneca, and many others.