Join us in building a sustainable future.

We can't do it alone. To build a sustainable energy future in North America, it takes a highly diverse international team of multi-disciplinary professionals.

Leifmark's bedrock is the technical support we receive from Inbicon and its parent company, DONG Energy, a leading Northern European energy group. We have built a close relationship with Inbicon teams in R&D, process engineering, and execution support; we tap their knowledge, experience, and skills continually as we plan North American projects. We're also accessing DONG Energy's 20 years of experience in biomass collection logistics.

Strong projects and partners.
We count on outstanding clients and partners to give our technology marketing an invaluable edge in project development and business execution. Right now we're planning a variety of Inbicon Biomass Refinery projects throughout the United States and Canada, utilizing different multi-technology platforms at commercial scale.

Supporting these and other yet-to-be-announced projects are vital partners such as affinity technologies, engineering firms, equipment suppliers, and operations partners, as well as legal and financial professionals.

These include Inbicon-certified engineers such as APS of Richmond, Virginia, Pöyry USA of Appleton, Wisconsin, and Harris Group of Seattle, Washington

We invite you to join us, to bring your expertise and experience to the table as we plan the individual businesses that will transform North American energy production.

If you're an investor, call 717-626-0557; there are many North American biomass refinery projects we can connect you with that can show a very strong commercial return.