Jesper Bang Andersen

Jasper Bang Andersen

Jesper Bang Andersen, Partner, Finance and Alliances, is a 17-year veteran of DONG Energy with di¬verse interdisciplinary training and experience, including science and logistics, banking, economics, energy, insurance management, business strategy, and project management. In the summer of 2010,Jesper joined Inbicon’s marketing and sales team full-time to develop and establish a partner strategy and build a supply chain for Inbicon. Jesper has helped Inbicon build a world-class team of suppliers, includ¬ing certification of engineering firms in North America. His interpersonal skills in contract negotiations, com¬bined with his highly technical contract knowledge and expertise, translate into partner and client satisfaction and the acceleration of agreements that allow projects to move forward.

Jesper’s role in Leifmark will be to establish and maintain partnerships with key industry partners. Secondly, he will ensure that communications are made effectively between North America and Denmark, helping manage the transition across economic and legal barriers between North America and Denmark.

Jesper earned his Master of Science degree at University of Aarhus, with a focus on strategy and logistics and began his career in banking, serving large Danish Retailers and Corporations with international transactions.. In 1994 Jesper entered the Danish energy sector as a project economist at Elsam, then Denmark’s largest power company. He oversaw project economy, business guarantees, and insurance during the construction of the Skaerbaek Power Plant, a 400 MW gas-fired unit. In 1998, after the plant was commissioned, Jesper joined the Corporate Finance Department and the project management group for Horns Rev, then the world’s largest offshore wind farm,taking on many of the same business man¬agement responsibilities..

In 2001, Jesper was hired by a British company to establish Denmark’s first VoIP and television streaming company. But after 10 months, he was rehired by Elsam in Corporate Finance to help establish the operating framework and busi¬ness relations in several European countries that would provide the foundation for DONG Energy’s later success in offshore wind farm operations. In this period Jesper also was the Group Insurance Manager of Elsam, and after the 2006 merger forming DONG Energy, Jesper consolidated the new group’s technical insurances.

In 2007 he joined the newly established Innovation Center under Group R&D, serving as Senior Business Developer focusing on renewable energy from waste, gasification, and distrib¬uted energy production. Together with Christian Morgen, Jesper developed the first Inbicon business strategy, which they improved during a 6-month MBA-level course in new business creation at the Technical University of Copenhagen (Certificate of Entrepreneurial Leadership – CEL).

Jesper is also a lecturer at the University of Southern Denmark, teaching Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Negotiation at the law school. As an Inbicon representative, he has been a conference speaker in Europe, South East Asia, and Brazil.