Christian Morgen

Paul Kamp

Christian Morgen, Partner, joined us from Inbicon, where he has been General Manager, International Sales and Marketing. For 20 years, beginning with his Master’s engineering studies, he has dedicated his career to the production renewable energy from biomass and waste.

During the past decade with DONG Energy, Christian has been instrumental in advancing Inbicon technol¬ogy to the commercial stage, developing and driving its international business strategy, building Inbicon into a well-respected international brand, and securing the first agreements to license Inbicon technology. He guided the negotiations leading to the signing of Inbicon’s first client, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding (MES), authorizing them to pursue commercial production in Southeast Asia.

With his intimate knowledge of the Inbicon technology, Inbicon business strategies, the organization of DONG Energy, and the North American market, Christian will play a major role ensuring a smooth communi¬cation between Leifmark and DONG Energy/Inbicon, transferring leads, opportunities, and project requests with the highest efficiency between North America and Denmark. With his diverse background, Christian will bridge technical, cultural, and language barriers between North America and Denmark.

After  completing his Master’s studies at the Technical University of Denmark, Christian joined Ramboll, one of Scan¬dinavia’s largest engineering consulting groups, where he worked for four years with EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) on waste-to-energy projects in Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Taiwan.

In 2001, Christian joined Elsam, wjhere he became responsible for refurbishing Elsam’s six waste-to-energy plants to make them comply with new European legislation. For the two largest projects, Maabjergværket and Frederikshavn, he was the project manager. Both projects implemented state-of-the art technology for dioxin reduction, and the project at Maabjergvaerket was a scaling-up to commercial scale of a technology that had only been demonstrated in pilot scale.

From 2002 to 2006, Christian was the project manager of “co-production biofuels,” co-funded by the Europe¬an Union. This project eventually led to the development of the Inbicon technology. After Elsam was merged into DONG Energy in 2006, Christian was responsible for relocating the Inbicon pilot plant from the previous location to the power plant next door to DONG Energy’s headquarters. Since then, Inbicon has built a best-in-class R&D facility at this site, with the pilot plant and the laboratory as the main elements. From 2007 on, Christian has held various positions related to the commercial developments of Inbicon.

In 2007, Christian and Jesper Bang Andersen created the first business development strategy for Inbicon, defining the technology licensing business, the global markets, and the initial entry strategies in different markets. A year later, they used Inbicon as their case study for the “Certificate of Entrepreneurial Leadership” (CEL) program at the Technical University of Denmark–an MBA level course in Business Development.

Christian is a recognized speaker at international conferences and has made numerous presentations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Malaysia, and Thailand, including moderator positions. He is also a guest lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark for the CEL program.